Our Mission

We won’t rest until each and every printed or PDF manual on this planet is replaced with a much more practical online version. Once this is done, we’ll do the same for all other planets and galaxies in the universe.

Our Vision(s)


We see logos and brands living free and online. Not locked on someone’s hard drive which breaks down just before an important deadline or burned on a CD which sits forgotten in a dark and dusty drawer.


We see complete unification of logotype, company colors and font usage every time—even when it’s needed on a Sunday evening or when the marketing manager is yet again off on holiday.


We see happy companies—even the smallest ones—dancing around bonfires in gratitude for having online manuals that are just as good (if not better) than large corporations’ manuals for a fraction of the cost.


And most importantly we see designers having more free time to do what they do best—designing beautiful stuff—without wasting valuable hours and days designing yet another PDF manual.