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BrandingManual.com makes development of online identity manuals surprisingly easy and efficient. Within as little as one hour, you can create a fully-hosted logo manual. Signing up for a free 30-day trial takes only 60 seconds and doesn’t require credit card or personal details.

Online brand identity manual Middlecap
Online identity guidelines Armáda spásy
Online brand guidelines ABS Jets
Online brand guide and design standards Arriva Danmark

Edit Pages


Create the structure of
the manual

BrandingManual.com comes with a predefined structure that covers all aspects of a standard brand identity. But of course you can create your own pages and content. Look into the Resources section to download pre-designed images and text to help you achieve professional results in a fraction of the time.

Customize look


Customize the look of the manual

It’s easy to modify the online manual to match the visual style of the brand. Use themes, edit backgrounds and fonts and choose your own color scheme. Check out the Showcase section to see a variety of manual styles. You’ll feel at home with the editing tools right away because they follow the same logic as the tools you use in design applications. So within a couple of minutes you’ll be able to find your way around the application, without wasting valuable time.

Give it a go. It’s free.

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3 Upload all your files

Upload all your artwork files

It is incredibly easy to upload all versions of your logo, brand images and artwork files such as stationery, print ads, brochures, electronic templates, etc. Once the manual is published, these artwork files will be available to manual users as downloads.

4 Protect with a password

Protect it with
a password

All files in your manual can be protected with a password. That means that only people with the password will be able to download logos and other artwork files. This way you have full control over distribution of the manual’s content. BrandingManual.com offers the highest level of security on the Internet certificated by SSL.

5 Publish manual online

Publish the
manual online

Before you publish the manual online for the world to see, you can invite your client to review the final manual in a private mode. Once the client is happy, it takes just one click to publish the manual online! And you can always come back later to make changes, add or delete pages or upload new files.