It’s time to move away from the limits of PDF manuals.

Get ready to change the way you deliver your brand guidelines or design manuals. lets you quickly and easily create and publish sophisticated online guidelines which take full advantage of online space. No need to worry about HTML coding or complicated web jargon.

Why designers use

No need to know
HTML coding

Creating and publishing online manuals with doesn’t require you to write any HTML code or learn overly-complicated web jargon. Yet you can deliver a sophisticated logo manual or brand guidelines online.

Developed by designers
for designers was developed by Touch Branding. It is based on 15 years of experience in creating and delivering logo, identity and brand manuals to clients around the world. It’s what you want, because we wanted it too.

It saves your
valuable time comes with a library of pre-designed images and texts (see Resources) so designers can focus on designing beautiful stuff – without wasting time on the mundane tasks associated with identity manual development.

Working in a familiar environment

You’ll feel at home with the editing tools of because they follow the same logic as the tools you use in design applications. You’ll be able to find your way around instantly, without having to take time to learn a new application.

Helpdesk and
interactive tooltips

Creating a manual is a fully automated and intuitive process even for beginners. Each step and function is equipped with interactive tool tips to help you find your way around faster. And if you need more help, just access Helpdesk.

Taking your clients
to the next level

Instead of always looking for new clients, impress the ones you already have. Delivering an online manual with at a fraction of time usually leads to new opportunities for longer and more fruitful cooperation.

Have your brand manual
with you wherever you go!

Optimized for viewing on
tablets & smartphones

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Why clients love

Complete brand under one umbrella

With all brand assets are centralized in one place and accessible 24/7. The guidelines as well as all logos, images and artwork files are available for viewing and download to internal staff, your agency, designers and other third-party suppliers.

Improved brand consistency

Consistency is one of the key aspects of successful branding in any company—large or small. enhances brand consistency because only the latest and up-to-date versions of logos and other identity assets are distributed to team members.

Cost and time effectiveness

The costs of distributing and maintaining guidelines with are dramatically lower than the costs of printed manuals. And it is much more time effective than a PDF manual, because everything is just a click away (see the comparison table below).

It grows with
the company

With the costs of brand identity management are always under control and kept at a minimum. A small company can start with a basic logo manual (Essential plan) and as the company grows, more content can be added to the manual. See Pricing. helped us to organize all aspects our new visual identity into one easy accessable place.

Martin Wex
Kommunikationschef of
Arriva Danmark A/S

When managing a corporate identity, an online manual prooved to be a much better solution than our old PDF manual.

Tomáš Káčer
Partner at MiddleCap, a leading financial advisory

As a small agency representing many clients we needed a high quality, flexible and reliable branding solution. Now we have one. Simply brilliant!

Salvatore Di Muccio
PR and marketing consultant, owner of WellAbove

Comparison of different forms of brand manuals

Please use the following table as a guide to help you select the most suitable form of logo or identity guidelines
for your project. Feel free to download the table and use it for your own purposes.

Showing all versions of logotype Yes Yes Yes
Showing corporate identity guidelines Yes Yes Yes
Easy sharing No Yes Yes
Cost-effective to produce No Sometimes Yes
Easy access to logos, images and templates No No Yes
Everything in one place No No Yes
Accessible 24/7 No No Yes
Controlling access to information No No Yes
Time and cost effective updates No No Yes