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This online identity manual outlines the design guidelines for implementing our identity and visual style. On the pages listed on the left, you will find all necessary information about the brand and the rules of to use it. The manual is designed both for our own employees and our partners, such as ad agencies, graphic studios and designers, printing offices, and other company partners and suppliers.


On the left side of this webpage is a complete list of all pages in this manual. Pages are sorted into several categories. The list acts as a navigation menu – simply click on the link to move to the appropriate page.


The logo and other components of Arriva Danmark identity can be downloaded from Resource files area located next to the preview images. Files are provided in various file formats that are suitable for application in print and on screen.

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To email a page from the manual, click on the arrow icon on the top-right-hand side of the page. Fill in the form, enter your message and click “Send” button. An active link to the relevant page is automatically emailed to the recipient.

Password protection

Resource files in this online manual may be protected with a password. This means only people with password will be able to download logos, images and other artwork files. Please visit Contact details page to request password and access to the Resource files.

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